Money Talks: Investment Clubs

The investment world is treacherous enough without having to negotiate it all by your lonesome.

That's why groups team up and tackle investing together as a club.

While some investment clubs aren't out to make millions, it's a collective of education and experience.

Everybody has a stock or two or three or four," said Marvin, an investment group member.

"If they have information on it they discuss it; we see if whether we should hold it or sell it or even buy more."

Marvin and his wife Caryl have been a part of an investment group for 19 years, learning while they earned.

There are so many stocks out there," said Marvin. "So many mutual funds, there TMs so much to choose from and this group helps to focus.

How much do you need to join an investment club?

Not much.

Most clubs only require that you pony up $20 or $25 a month, which is then invested according to majority vote.

And, of course, you can use the information and knowledge you gain on your own private portfolio.

Not up to attending meetings every month?

No problem.

There are also virtual investment clubs you can join.