Money Talks: Last Minute School Shopping

According to the National Retail Federation, back to school spending is expected to hit nearly $84 billion this year, making it the second largest shopping event behind the holidays.

If you're among the many doing last-minute shopping for school, here are some ABCs of back to school saving:

Before you shop, do these five things: First, inventory what you have. Second, make a list of things you need. Third: Get friends together for a clothes swapping party. Fourth: Checked used: garage sales, consignment shops, Goodwill, etc. And last, take advantage of coupons and sales.

Have a smart phone? Put it to work! There are all kinds of apps from ones that show you mall directories and local specials to coupon apps that give you savings codes to use at registers or online. Most of these apps are free.

One more tip... buy just what you need to get started and wait a few weeks for the clearance sales to begin. You may be able to pick up clothing, uniforms and supplies for less when retailers are trying to move merchandise out for the holiday season.

Want to learn more ways to save on back to school? Go to and do a search for "Shopping."

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