Money Talks News: Americans May Be Expanding, But Food is Shrinking

"Forever we were getting half gallons of orange juice, 64 ounces. Then they became 59, but the containers were absolutely the same, so they just put less content in the same package."

Consumer advocate, Edgar Dworsky says manufacturers are using a tricky tactic to fatten their profits: shrinking the amount you get.

"So the consumer will still be paying $2.99, maybe not notice the subtle package change that they're getting less."

Dworsky's website,, tracks some of these changes. Another site,, publishes a page of shrunken products, and as you can see, the list is long. What's a consumer to do?

First, forget about what a package looks like: always shop by price per unit. Next, use your computer orsmart phone to keep track of prices, find coupons and sales.

You can also switch brands or buy generic. This store-brand vanilla ice cream is still a half gallon, 64 ounces. The name brand vanilla - 48 ounces. Here we're paying more and getting less.

Also look in warehouse stores, or dollar retailers for older packaging. Very helpful when a recipe calls for a 7-ounce can of tuna and the grocery store is now selling a 5-ounce can.

"I think it's deceptive to the extent that deceptive practices are illegal in the country. I would say it's unfair."

Finally, when you see something, say something. Write the manufacturer. You may not get a solution, but you might get some coupons or samples.

Bottom line... Charging the same for less isn't right. You should fight back. I can show you a more complete list of shrinking products. Go to and do a search for "Shrinking Food."

For Money Talks News, I'm Stacy Johnson.