Money Talks News: Are Guns a Good Investment?

"If I had to put a dollar amount on how much it's gone up, it's probably gone up about 400 percent, maybe a little more."

That would be a heck of a return in the stock market.

But we're not talking about the paper kind of stocks. We're talking about this kind of stock. Stocks of guns.Jeff Dillard, owner of this gun shop and shooting range, is perfectly positioned to take advantage of one of the year's hottest investments: assault rifles. In addition to selling other brands, he manufacturers his own, selling them for 1295 bucks a piece.

"A couple of months ago, when they were selling for two and three thousand dollars. I would have done much better putting my money in weapons than I would have been putting my money in the stock market."

The reason prices are shooting higher is simple enough: Some politicians are trying to restrict the sale of military-style weapons and high-capacity clips. And anytime you restrict the supply of something in demand, you're going to trigger higher prices.

But with that legislation now stalled, prices are stabilizing. Does that make guns a good investment? This gun shop owner says pull the trigger...

"You might not make a lot of money on them right now. But in the future, you might double your money. So to buy an AR-15... absolutely for an investment."

Bottom line... there's almost no question that if guns like this and magazines like this are outlawed, they're going to go up in value a lot. If not, well, the market may be more stable. You don't want to get into anything like this without thoroughly understanding what you're doing.

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For Money Talks News, I'm Stacy Johnson.