Money Talks News: Are Homemade Cleaners Better Than Store-Bought

"You want vinegar, baking soda, coarse sea salt, hydrogen peroxide, castille soap, which is an olive oil-based soap and your choice of a few pure essential oils."

Mother Earth Living Chief Editor Jessica Kellner uses just these six, simple tools to clean her whole house. Compared to commercial cleaners, they're a bargain.

"We're looking at maybe 20 dollars, 3 times a year vs. 50 dollars several times a year."Homemade cleaners can be a great choice, whether you're protecting your health or your wealth.But do they clean as well or kill germs as well?

"What's incredibly effective is vinegar. That's your go-to disinfectant, germ fighter. It's going to kill about 90 percent of household germs."

And for food borne germs: skip the harsh bleach.

Alternative: Get yourself a spray bottle of vinegar and spray a surface, spray bottle of peroxide after that.

Spray it on. Wait ten minutes. Wipe it off. According to Jessica, that should kill most food-borne germs.

Vinegar and newsprint make windows shine. Hydrogen peroxide cleans everything from counters to toilets.

You can add coarse salt to scrub stains. If scents are important, customize your own with these essential oils.

"I'll make a household floor cleaner that combines peppermint and lavender essential oils. It smells wonderful. My friends say it makes the whole house smell like a spa."

You can even fight mold and bacteria simply by adding a few drops of tea tree oil to your mixture.

Bottom line... you can protect the environment and your wallet by making your own cleaners at home.Now what you need is some recipes and we've got them waiting for you. You just go to and search for "homemade cleaners."For Money Talks News, I'm Stacy Johnson.