Money Talks News: Bad Money Habits and How to Quit

Overeating... Nail biting... Smoking: Bad habits that can hurt your health.

But there are also bad money habits that can destroy your wealth. Here are some of the biggies, along with some ways to break them:

First: carrying a credit card balance.

Pay the minimum on a 15 percent card with a 5000 dollar balance can take decades to pay and cost you more than $7,000 in interest.

Next bad habit: not putting money into a 401(k,) or other retirement plan, especially if your company matches your money.

Turning down free money: not a smart thing to do.

Another bad money habit: not shopping.

You know, most people shop harder for a gallon of milk than they do for important things like their cable, their phone, their Internet and their insurance. This stuff is expensive. You've got to shop it at least once a year.

And speaking of shopping, another bad habit is paying retail.

From dining to diapers, if you're not using deal sites and coupons, you're paying too much. And one final bad habit: staying too safe with your investing.

Sure, nobody wants to lose money in the market. But keep everything in guaranteed investments and you're guaranteed not to keep up with inflation.

Bottom line: We all know that changing bad habits is hard, and it takes time. So start small and don't get discouraged if you sometimes get off course.

And what you need now is more information on stopping those bad money habits and it's waiting for you at

Just do a search for "money habits."

For Money Talks News, I'm Stacy Johnson.