Money Talks News: Best and Worst Things to Buy in February

Every month there are shopping deals - and duds - out at the stores. And every month we turn to partner site Deal News, for the best -- and worst -- buys. First on the February bargain list? Valentine's gifts.

"Look for coupons at value-driven jewelry sites or even lingerie stores like Victoria's Secret and Frederick's of Hollywood. For example, last year, they offered a 20 percent off coupon during the first two weeks of February."

Then keep an eye out for President's Day Sales and coupons and get up to 85 percent off things like clothing, tools, bedding and furniture. Also look for deals of 30-50 percent off tax software programs. And for gamers:

"Last month, Nintendo released a fairly miserable sales forecast for the Wii U, projecting far lower sales than previously expected. Because of this, manufacturers and retailers are looking to clear inventory of their Wii U. So expect great sales and discounts on this older generation console."

Those are some of your best deals for this month. But what about duds? What should you be avoiding buying this month?

"Wait to buy a new smart phone this year. The "Mobile World Congress," which is an International phone convention in Spain, is being held later this month. And with it comes a variety of new handset deals to consider. So if you're looking for a brand new smart phone or even a previous generation model, wait until this conference is over so you'll see the highest volume of deals and discounts." (Please try to trim this out: either again on a new smart phone or on a previous generation model.")

Bottom line... Shopping by the calendar makes sense because every month there are some good deals and some bad.If you want to see the best deals every day, we've got them for you. Just go to and do a search for "Deals."For Money Talks News, I'm Stacy Johnson.