Money Talks News: Best and Worst Things to Buy in November

Every month there are shopping deals - and duds - out at the stores. And every month we turn to partner site Deal News, for the best -- and worst -- buys. First on the November bargain list? TVs: But not just TVs... 3-D TVs.

"For 55-inch 3-D TVs, they're simply a better value and a higher quality than the basic 55-inch. You get more of the bells and whistles and they should cost around $425 come Black Friday."

Then there's anything "Apple," but not from a retailer, from an authorized online reseller.

"They offer double the number of discounts up to 20 percent off. Specifically, I want to call out the previous generation and recently discontinued iPad4. This should cost around 399 bucks, come November, which is $100 off the base price, another best value."

Finally: winter clothes.

"The best sales start in January, but the best of the year coupons start during Black Friday. You can expect to get between 30 and 50 percent off."

Those are some of your best November picks. But what about pans? What things should you be avoiding in November?

"Three things to avoid buying in November are toys, name-brand HDTVs, and gaming consoles. For toys: yes, Black Friday there will be sales. There will be discounts. But if you can wait until December, they're even better. Specifically 2 weeks before Christmas."

Bottom line... Like every other month, there are things you should buy in November and things you shouldn't. Deal News has supplied us with a list of some of their best purchases and some of the things you should avoid.

You're going to find that list by going to and search for "November Buys."

For Money Talks News, I'm Stacy Johnson.