Money Talks News: Best and Worst Things to Buy in October

It's been said to everything, there's a season. Well, that certainly applies to shopping. We talked to partner site Deal News for the best - and worst - things to buy in October. First, the three best things to buy.

"Car manufacturers release new models in September, so dealerships will start slashing prices on older models. You can save between 10 and 20 percent or more on a 2013 car in October."

Then there's travel.

"If you're booking a trip to a summer-heavy destination, like New York or Europe, this is when you'll yield the best discounts of the year."

Finally? Costumes.

"Sure, the best time to buy a Halloween Costume starts on November first, but who wants to wait until then? Actually, if you shop the week prior to Halloween, that's when you'll see the best discounts."

So that's some of your best October deals. But what should you be avoiding this month?

Well, there's appliances...

"Conventional wisdom says to buy large appliances in September and October, because this when manufacturers release new models. However, you'll see better deals in November because of Black Friday sales."

"Speaking of Black Friday, if there were ever a month to avoid purchasing a new TV, October would be it. November offers the best TV deals of the year, thanks again to Black Friday."

One more buy to avoid? Winter clothes. January's the month for that.

Bottom line... When it comes to spending money, the calendar can be your friend.

Leverage it to keep a little more money in your pocket. Deal News has provided us with a complete list of the best and worst deals for October.

Just go to and do a search for "October Buys."

For Money Talks News, I'm Stacy Johnson.