Money Talks News: Best College Majors for Big Salaries

Whether you're a new student or a professional returning to school, choosing a major is one of the most important things you'll do.

When it comes to majors, if money is the motivation, all you have to remember is "STEM." The "S" stands for Science. The "T" stands for technology. The "E" for engineering. And "M" for math.

The 5 top college majors for lucrative salaries, at least according to, are: Number 5 -Computer engineering, with an average starting salary $62,700. Number 4 - Electrical engineering, average starting pay $63,000. Number 3- Nuclear engineering, average starting pay about $67,000. Number 2 - Chemical engineering, $67,500 to start and the number 1 major for highest starting salary... Petroleum engineering, averaging $98,000 to start.

Not interested in science, technology, engineering or math? No worries. Here's a list of the top 5 industries hiring recent graduates.

Schools, colleges, universities and training centers are hiring the most recent graduates, offering an average starting salary of around $40,000.

Next... technical jobs, such as engineering, accounting, computer. They're starting recent graduates at about $48,000.

Number 3, Healthcare and social assistance companies, averaging $43,000 to start.

Number 2: Federal, State or Local government jobs, starting near $46,000 and finally: Finance and Insurance companies, averaging almost $53,000 a year for recent graduates.

Bottom line... a college experience should never be all about the money, but it is nice to know there might be a job waiting for you when you graduate.

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For Money Talks News, I'm Stacy Johnson.