Money Talks News: Cheap Stain Removers

If you wander the household cleaning aisle of a store, you'll notice tons of stain removal options...and most of them don't come cheap.

Before you shell out big bucks to banish stains, why not open your cabinets and see if some of these common and cheap ingredients will get the job done?

First, Hydrogen peroxide...It can boost laundry power, and is an ingredient in many home stain remedies.

Next, dish washing liquid...a great de-greaser. Some recipes call for specific brands, and others just recommend clear.

Lemons... very cool. You can actually use them to brighten your fingernails. You can put the juice on berry-stained clothing. Just make sure you get the juice out immediately, like wash them right afterwards.

But here's something really cool. You can actually pour salt on a lemon, get tarnished copper and watch how fast this works. It took the tarnish right off the copper in like five seconds. ingredient in many homemade stain removers. Vinegar works well on hard water stains, especially when combined with baking soda, which itself is a multi-purpose stain and odor remover for home, laundry and even teeth.

Bottom line... why would you pay for expensive stain removers when you've got the stuff you already need. Everything here cost $7.

Now what you need is some recipes for stain removal. Just go to and search for "stain removal."

For Money Talks News, I'm Stacy Johnson.