Money Talks News: Cheaper but Better Places for Weddings

The dress... the flowers... the food... a lot goes into planning, and paying for a wedding.

One big expense can be the venue. But you don't have to shell out thousands for a great place to have a wedding. Here are some affordable places to tie the knot...

Let nature do your decorating... a local or national park is a great option and beach weddings are beautiful.

University campuses often have spaces you can use for a wedding or reception, and some libraries have attractive accommodations too.

Know somebody with an awesome back yard? Take advantage! And check your city for historic sites and beautiful parks. Find something you like? Great! But make sure if you're going to need a permit, that youapply for that thing well in advance.

Some restaurants might be a good place for a wedding.

They would need little decoration and they can be a great place for the reception too. And a bed and breakfast can serve triple duty as location, reception and housing for out of town guests.

If you think of a place that would be good, but isn't a traditional wedding venue, just ask! You may end up finding the perfect place at the perfect price.

You know weddings are supposed to bring people together, not saddle them with debt.Find yourself a cheaper venue and your happily ever after could start the day of your wedding.For more information, go to and search for "Weddings." For Money Talks News, I'm Stacy Johnson.

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