Money Talks News: Definitely Buy These Things at a Dollar Store

If you're not used to shopping at a dollar store, consumer savings expert, Andrea Woroch, says it's worth your while, especially for some things.

"My favorite item to buy at the dollar store are greeting cards. You can get two for a dollar. When you shop at other stores, like drug stores or big-box retailers like Target, you're looking at spending up to $7 for a card."

So greeting cards, at least if you can find the ones you like: definite best buy at a dollar store. But that's not the only thing that's a good deal in here. Other examples:

Gift bags. Dollar gift bags will save you up to 75 percent over similar bags at grocery or big-box stores.

Next: seasonal decor. There's always plenty to choose from. Another idea: party supplies. From platters and bowls to tablecloths and cutlery, you'll save 50 percent or more over buying from a party store.

Now here's one of my personal favorites: reading glasses. These things are a buck. I buy them ten at a time, put them all over my house, so I always have something handy.

Also: hair accessories. You can save 50 percent or more on things like bobby pins, elastics and more, compared to drug stores.

And finally: vases. They make great gifts and can be customized with spray-on finishes to look more expensive.

Bottom line... nothing wrong with shopping at dollar store, especially if you know what to buy. And now what you need is a longer list.

Go to and search for "dollar stores."

For Money Talks News, I'm Stacy Johnson.