Money Talks News: Expensive Tech That's Dying

Keeping on top of the latest tech gadgets can be a real budget buster.

But as it turns out, keeping up with technology might be able to save you hundreds - even thousands.

Because with the right mix of that technology, you can do away with a lot of expensive stuff and services.

Best example? Cable TV. While nearly 55 million American households still have it, it's past its prime.

Save $100 a month by replacing it. All you need is an over-the-air antenna, along with streaming video either from the web or services like Netflix.

Then there's landlines. A couple of years ago, a $50 a month necessity.

Today, thanks to Skype and cell phones, kind of obsolete. And speaking of cell phones, used to be: two-year contracts with a major carrier.

Trend today? Buy your own phone, find the cheapest provider, cut that monthly bill in half.

Remember DVDs? Just a few years ago, a must-have. Today? Streaming video is also replacing these expensive players, not to mention the discs.

Finally, software. While there's still expensive software out there, today more and more people are saying, "There's a free app for that."

Bottom line? Chasing the latest and greatest gadgets is silly, and it's expensive. But harnessing the latest tech can save you big bucks.

And that's just a few examples. What you need now is more information on exactly how to cut the cable and find a cheaper cell plan.

I've got that and more waiting for you at and do a search for "saving with tech."

For Money Talks News, I'm Stacy Johnson.