Money Talks News: Five More Dumb Deals and What to do Instead

Every day in every way, we're bombarded by ads. We think they don't affect us, yet they must.

How do I know? Because we all fall for dumb deals: paying for things we could get free, paying extra for things we could get for less.

For example, ever pay to download a book? You probably could have downloaded the copy you already paid for with your tax dollars. It's at your local library, along with lots of other free stuff, from DVDs to music.

Here's another thing many buck up for that's virtually free: Water. If you're concerned about taste or quality, buy a filter and stop pouring money down the drain.

Then there's paying for a name. How dumb is it to pay a bunch of money for a name brand paid reliever when right next to it sits an identical store brand for dollars less?

Better idea? Use generics or store brands, especially for things like over the counter meds or baking supplies or cleaning supplies. Just read some labels. If the products are identical, why the heck would you pay more?

Dumb deal number four: Paying one bank 20% interest on a credit card while another bank pays you .2 on your savings.

Better idea: If your job is secure and you don't need the cash, use low-interest savings to pay off high interest debt. And a final dumb deal: paying for a credit report.Isn't that a catchy tune?

The problem is this isn't where you get a free credit report. You can only get that at - it's the site without the jingle.

The bottom line of all this is we might think we don't fall for advertising, but most of us do. And sometimes it leads us into a dumb deal. The less we do that, the richer we'll be.

Now what you need is more dumb deals. Maybe you can even add to the list.

Go to and do a search for "Dumb Deals."

For MoneyTalksNews, I'm SJ.