Money Talks News: Free Cell Service

"I don't like them at all. I can't stand paying extra stuff, especially when you see all the extra stuff that's added on and you're always paying ahead. It's expensive and I was paying about $180 a month, if not more, sometimes for my phone service."

Michelle Touchstone was tired of paying big bucks every month for her cell phone.

After researching several companies, she hung up on her existing plan and found something better: totally free cell service from Freedom Pop.

"I don't pay anything. I have a great phone. It's a smart phone so it can do everything a smart phone can do.

Yes, you heard that right: Freedompop will give you 200 talk minutes, 500 texts and 500 MB of data monthly, all free.

Your only expense: an HTC android phone, which they'll sell you refurbished for $179.

And if that's not enough talk and text time, additional minutes and texts are cheap: just a penny a piece.

Freedompop uses the Sprint network, so before picking up the service, you'll want to look at their coverage map. And you'll find a few other charges, like shipping and $2.50 a month for voice mail.

While Freedompop is probably one of the cheaper plans out there, they're hardly the only discount one.

If you're willing to buy your own phone, there are dozens of companies willing to sell you service for less than half the price of what the big nationals are charging.

In short, if you're tired of paying $100 a month for cell service, switching is definitely something worth talking about. So how does Michelle feel to be free from her cellular bill?

"Awesome! I don't miss it at all. I can think of better ways to spend 200 bucks a month."

Ready for some 411 on cheaper cell plans? It's waiting for you at Just do a search for "Free Cell Service."

For Money Talks News, I'm Stacy Johnson.