Money Talks News: Fresh Father's Day Gift Ideas

Father's Day is just around the corner. Have you started shopping yet?

Gifts for dad today are a lot different than those grandpa got. How about swapping out some of those old stale Father's Day gift ideas for something a little fresher?

First, a pocket knife may still be a staple for Father's Day, but it can't do as much as a multi-function tool.

Get dad one of these and he'll be prepared for just about any situation. Next, a plain digital camera.

Nice... but an action-cam to record his latest adventures could be a better choice.

How about something a little bit sharper like high-end knives or maybe a super-charged blender.

Next... dad often gets cologne or bath stuff on father's Day... but he's already got enough of that. Many modern-day dads dig a little pampering... and a manicure, pedicure or spa certificate will fit the bill.

Finally, the quintessential stale Father's Day gift... the neck tie. Swap that out for something cool like a stainless steel, Radio Frequency I-D blocking wallet or maybe a shower head with a wireless speaker in it.

Bottom line... Of course it's the thought that counts... but instead of doing the "old reliable," how about thinking about what your dad might really want this year.

Want some more ideas? I've got them waiting for you right here at All you have to do is a search for Father's Day.

For Money Talks News, I'm Stacy Johnson.