Money Talks News: Gifts for Grads

It's the season when students of all ages don their caps and gowns.

Which means it's also time for friends and family to find that perfect gift. Is cash king? Well, I guess it always will be. But there are plenty of other great ideas. The good news? Grads need pretty much everything. Here are some ideas for almost every budget.

Number one: gift cards for food, gas, home supplies, online shopping sites and books. Number two: transportation help - make a car payment, help with insurance, give a public transit pass or frequent flier miles. Number three: electronics, like a laptop, tablet or smart phone.

Great gift number four: Money Management help.

Open a savings account for them or maybe match contribution that they make. How about buying them a share or two of stock?

Or the best idea: a book, like "Life or Debt," which just so happens, I wrote.

Number five: job search help. Assist with a resume, offer to help network, buy interviewing clothes, get them a session with a career coach.

And finally, number six: something sentimental. Fill half a notebook with encouraging advice and life stories of your own, and leave the other half for theirs.

Give a cherished heirloom, like a piece of family jewelry. Or start your own tradition.

Bottom line... You can show some serious pride in that graduate without busting your budget. And I've got lots more ideas.

Just go to and search for "graduation gifts." For Money Talks News, I'm Stacy Johnson.