Money Talks News: How to Eat Free

If there's one thing that's fundamental, and expensive, in life, it's food.

But like any expense, those with the right mindset and motivation can get it done for less. In fact, there are ways to eat totally free. One example? Extreme couponing.

Hit the right stores with correct coupons and you can walk out with free food.

"I routinely walk out with things that cost me absolutely nothing. And sometimes you can even come out ahead."

Then there are free samples. If you know where to look, every day you'll find free food, as well as lots of other free stuff.

Then there's finding your own food. From fishing to foraging in the forest, it's out there in the wild.

Of course, there's also growing your own food. No knowledge or space? Community gardens can supply both.

You can even find free food at restaurants. Many provide free food on your birthday.

This just goes to show: no matter what the expense - clothing, shelter or food - if you're finding prices hard to swallow, find em for less.

Want more ideas on how to get free food? They're waiting for you at

Just do a search for "Free Food."

For Money Talks News, I'm Stacy Johnson.