Money Talks News: How to Go Back to School

There are a lot of reasons people have for going back to school.

"Career changing, promotional and then there are people that go for the sake of going for additional education."

But before you spend the time and the money to go back to campus, you've ask yourself a few questions.

Shari Saperstein (SAPPER-steen) is career development director at Nova Southeastern University. She says the first question you have to ask is "What's your purpose?"

"Is this going to lead me to a career that will make me a happier individual every day and what will the payoff be for me? "

Next, Do you have the time? Managing school life with current responsibilities can be tough. But planning and preparation can help you succeed. Number 3- Do you have the money? There's not only school fees, but reduced income if you have to cut back on work or quit your current job. Number 4 - Cost vs. benefit.

"Is the cost of my education going to outweigh where I'm potentially going and am I going to be able to pay off these actual loans?"

Finally, what are the alternatives? Going back to school may seem like the only option to get ahead. But you might be able to attend seminars, ask for different opportunities in your current job or find other ways to learn new skills, without returning to the classroom.

Bottom line... Study your options for career advancement and try not to put in more time and money than you're going to get back return.

Want more ideas and information?

Go to and search for "Going Back to School." For Money Talks News, I'm Stacy Johnson.

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