Money Talks News: How to Have a Killer Garage Sale

Garage sales... yard sales... tag sales... no matter the name, the object is the same: get as much money as you can for your stuff. Want to make more?

Here's one surprising idea: instead of Saturday morning, start on Friday.

"From 8 till 10 in the morning that's when everybody wants to get in there and see what's there."

Then have the sale again on Saturday to get rid of even more stuff. Here are some more tips to tag for a killer yard sale:

Number one: gather stuff early, and year-round.

Toss anything you haven't used in 6 months in a box and you'll conquer clutter while creating your sale inventory.

Number two: Simplify pricing. Set up groups of things with one price, like a table of shirts for a buck each.

Number three: make it easy to shop. Have plenty of small bills.

Get things off the ground, group like items together, hang clothes.

And one big tip: check all clothes pockets, bags and boxes for stuff you may have forgotten to take out.

Number four: advertise online and make signs for your neighborhood.

Use bright colors, few words and have someone check on them throughout the day.

Finally, when you're done, pack up the stuff and donate it.

Bottom line... of course you want to do whatever you can to make your yard, tag or garage sale the best one ever.

But once you get that money, here's the most important thing: don't blow it! Use it to pay down debt, use it to beef up savings.

Now what you need is more specific tips on how to have the best garage sale ever.

They're waiting for you at

Just do a search for "garage sale."

For Money Talks News, I'm Stacy Johnson.

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