Money Talks News: How to Make 50 Bucks Fast

Extra money-- it always comes in handy. And today, there are more ways than ever to find it.

The Internet has really opened the door when it comes to finding fast cash. Combine that with traditional sources, and you're likely to make $50 bucks in just a day.

For example, sitting. House-sit, baby-sit, pet-sit, plant-sit - all ways to get paid for simply being there. The traditional way? Let neighbors, friends and family know you're available. The web way? Sign up at any number of sites that offer to match you up with someone looking for your services.

Then there's turning clutter into cash: The traditional way? Resale shops and yard sales. The web way? Amazon, eBay, Craigslist.And you know, you've probably got an old cell phone lying around in a drawer, don't you? Take it out and sell it.

Unused gift cards are also cash just waiting to be converted. There are sites that will do it for you.

Got an empty room, or even a couch? You can rent it out by the day by registering at sites that connect travelers with accommodations.

Have a hobby? Sell your crafts to friends, at local swap meets or online at any number of sites.

Here's an idea that will take less than 3 minutes: do a search for unclaimed cash. Lost rebates, final paychecks, security deposits: there could be money out there looking for you.

You can even sell your body. From selling plasma to participating in clinical trials, here's a way to make money that only requires you being alive and well.

Bottom line? Where there's a will to make some money, there's probably a way. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. I've got 50 ways to make a quick 50 bucks waiting for you. Just go to and do a search for 50 Ways to $50.

For Money Talks News, I'm Stacy Johnson.