Money Talks News: How to Open Plastic Packaging

"No...they are not fun. You've got to get the scissors to cut them and when you try to return it, it's a mess to return it." "Terrible for the environment. Too difficult to get into." "No, I have to wait until an adult comes home to open them."

Plastic packaging is so prevalent... and for some people... so annoying. The Consumer Product Safety Commission reports 2800 injuries seen in emergency rooms, associated with plastic packaging, from 2003-2012.

There's a term for the frustration people feel when trying to open plastic packages. It's called wrap rage, and boy have I gotten it. But you know, there are some tips that will help you open these packages much easier.

First take a look at the package. Some manufacturers are putting perforations in or making easier to open tabs. If not, the next step is to arm yourself with the right tools.

You can use anything from box cutters to tin snips to open these things. But before you start dragging out the tools, look in your drawer and see if you've got an old, rotary can opener. It might do the trick.

Run the can opener around the edge of the package, just like you would with a can. If that doesn't allow you to pry open the package and get the item out, carefully run a knife between the two layers of plastic until you can safely open it.

You can also try using scissors or even tin snips, if you have them, to trim around the edges and then be able to open up the layers of plastic. Try not to cut through the middle... this is one way to get cut by the package or the tool you're using and you might cut through instructions for the item as well.

My personal favorite is tin snips. They actually don't look very good, but they don't cost much and they really work easily... a lot easier than scissors. You can open a package in no time flat, without hurting yourself.

Want more information? No problem. Just go to and search for "Plastic Packaging."

For Money Talks News, I'm Stacy Johnson.