Money Talks News: How to Reduce Travel Costs by 50 Percent

Getting away from it all is important. But to keep your enjoyment up and stress down, it's important not to bust the budget when you travel.

Here, in order, are the best ways to save when traveling.

Topping the list is the single best way to save on things like flights and hotels: Don't pay for them at all. I just went on a two week vacation and spent zero on flights or hotels. How? I paid with credit card reward points.

The key is to find a rewards card with a big sign-up bonus, like 50,000 points. Then add to those points by using it for all your purchases.

Just be sure to pay it off every month. Next best way to save? When it comes to eating out, don't. Always get a room where you can cook your own meals.

And don't forget picnics. Nothing's more relaxing, or less expensive. Number three: avoid souvenirs.

They're cheaply made, but expensively priced. If you want something to remember your trip, at least buy something you'll actually use.

Number four: do what the locals do, not what the tourists do. Every city has cheap and free things to do, from concerts to craft fairs.

Read the local paper, then talk to some locals. They're easy to spot - they're the ones without the cameras and Hawaiian shirts.

And number five? Travel light and travel slow. In other words, don't try to see too much. Moving around is stressful, and it's expensive.

And one final tip: be flexible. Go out of season. Go where others don't. Let the best deal determine your trip. There: combine those six tips and you can shave 50 percent off the cost of vacation.

And what's more relaxing than that? Now what you need is more tips and links. And they're waiting for you Just do a search for "Saving on Travel."

For Money Talks News, I'm Stacy Johnson.