Money Talks News: How to Save 30 Percent on Your Next Hotel

According to Tripadvisor, this Florida hotel is number 4 on the list of the 10 best hotels for service in the United States. How did they get there? Pretty simple:We live by three rules.

Number one is take care of the guest, number two is take care of the guest and number 3, and most importantly, is take care of the guest."

But whether you're out for the best service ever, or just trying to put a roof over your head, there are always ways to save on hotels - yes, even this one.Simplest way to save as much as two thirds? Go in the off season.

"During peak season, you could pay as much as $500, and during our low season as little as $125.

Another way to save? Go online. Do a search for the hotel and the word "coupon."

Become a Facebook friend or Twitter follower - you might get deals.

You might also save by staying mid-week if it's a vacation spot, on the weekends if it's a business hotel.

But the single best way to save on any hotel... is simply asking for a better deal.

You do this not on a chain's 800 number, but by calling the front desk. Start by finding the normal rate. Then, Step 1: Ask for a better deal.What can you do for me, ladies? I'm a member of AAA. I'm a member of AARP, I'm a member of just about anything you could think of. Is there something you can do for me?


Now you see how easy that was?

You can also play the competition card: tell them rooms are cheaper nearby. No dice?

At least try to get a better room for the same money.

If somebody checks in and is booked into one of our smaller rooms, and we have availability for a larger room, we'll give them a complementary upgrade.

Bottom line? Whether it's one of the nation's best or the local motel 6, there's always a way to save a buck or two. Want more ideas? They're waiting for you right here at Just do a search for "Hotels." I'm Stacy Johnson.