Money Talks News: How to Sell Your Car for More Money

Starting to think new car? Then it's also time to start thinking about maximizing the money you'll get from your old one.

Selling a car is like selling a house; The most important thing is "curb appeal." I'm about to sell my trusty old Mercedes.

The newer I can make it look, the faster it will sell and the more money I'll have for my next one. Step one: I'm going to check my oil, make sure it's clean and make sure everything works.

See this check engine light? It's been on for months. I know it's not serious - but potential buyers won't. I've got to get that fixed.

Next, detail it. Vacuum, wash and wax - do it up: the door jambs, the engine, the trunk.

Put baking soda in carpets to get rid of odors - replace the mats if necessary. Looking good? Now it's time for an ad.

Read a bunch, then shamelessly steal the best ideas. But be honest: If there are issues, say so in both pics and print.

Super-important? Price. Forget blue-books. Use eBay to see what cars like yours are actually selling for where you live. Leave some wiggle room - people like to negotiate.

Got some prospects? It's time for a test drive. But before you let them behind the wheel, do what car salesmen do: Let them ride shotgun while you chat em up. Hey look at this dash board. That's real wood.

And this steering wheel? Oh that's some nice leather there.

Bottom line... If you want less stress and more money when you sell your car, then fix it up, price it right and practice that pitch.

Want more info on everything car-related?

Go to and search for "cars." For Money Talks News, I'm Stacy Johnson.