Money Talks News: It's Time to Pay Less for Monthly Services

Cable. Internet. Gym memberships. Music services. Cell phones. Cloud storage and software. These are just some of the things we sign up for, then automatically pay for years, often without thinking, or shopping.

Technology is changing fast, and there are often new options for old services. Especially expensive old services.For example, cable TV. More and more people are cutting the cable. You can catch many TV shows on the network websites, or pay less by using Netflix, Hulu or Amazon.

Next, Internet. While not as fast or reliable as cable, companies like FreedomPop and Netzero offer basic plans free.

What about monitoring your credit? There are two things you can do yourself that don't cost a dime. First, you can put a fraud alert on your account. Secondly, you can go right to and pull your credit reports a few times a year.

Paying for cloud storage, or virus protection? There are free solutions for that as well.

Still paying monthly for paper copies of your favorite periodicals? You should be reading the free online versions. And even if they're not free, you might get free access through your local library.

I could go on. From your cell phone to your health club, see how much money is leaving your checking account every month, and then see where you can save. Need help?

You name the expense, I'll show you how to get it for less.

Just go to and search for "monthly expenses."

For Money Talks News, I'm Stacy Johnson.