Money Talks News: Red Light Camera Controversy

Red light cameras... they're popping up in communities all across America.

But are cameras like this really here to save lives or are they here to make money?

According to the Federal Highway Administration, cameras like this will reduce injury accidents from right-angle accidents by 16 percent.

But they've also found that they increase rear-end accident injuries by 24 percent. One thing's for sure, though -- they can make a ton of money.

In Chicago alone, published reports show red light camera citations generated 69 million dollars in 2012. 537 communities across America have these cameras in place. But while cities may be enjoying cash cow cameras, are they constitutional?

"Giving tickets when we're not really sure if you're the driver of the car and sending a violation in the mail when there's really no proof that you actually received it... something just doesn't sit right with me and not just with me. A number of judges have found this statute to be unconstitutional."

OK, if I've gotten a red light ticket, what should I do?

"If somebody has the opinion that this is infringing upon my constitutional rights, then they don't have to just pay it because of an allegation. They can challenge it and stand up for what they think is right."

So you might be able to challenge it. This traffic attorney told us he's had good luck doing so. But that doesn't mean you will.

Bottom line? Red light cameras either make money or save lives, probably depending on who you ask.

But let's ask you. What do you think? Do these things belong here? Go to and tell us. Just do a search for "Red Light Cameras."

For Money Talks News, I'm Stacy Johnson.