Money Talks News: Should You Buy Pet Insurance

"Clyde, a patient of mine, came in. Ate a bone and had to have a $1500 surgery and they had Trupanion. So they had to pay their deductible and they were able to afford the surgery."

An unexpected trip to the vet can cost big bucks. The American Pet Products Association estimates pet owners will spend $14.2 billion dollars on veterinary care this year. One way to take a bite out of that bill: pet insurance.

"Ten to 15 percent of the clients who come in have pet insurance and it's on the rise."

The problem with insurance for your animal, though: It's not the same thing as insurance for people.People insurance has all kinds of stuff that's regulated.

A lot of animal insurance isn't. So you've got to ask a lot of questions to know what you're getting.

For example: Are annual vaccines covered? Are accidents covered? What about diagnostic tests? Is there an payout limit? And one other important question:

"Are there pre-existing conditions that are excluded from the policy I'm about to instate with you? They need to answer those questions for you."

And ask your vet what might be best - they're the ones dealing with it most.

Bottom line... Fining insurance for your pet doesn't have to be rough.

Just take a look at various policies, ask lots of questions and read the fine print. Want more information?

Just go to and search for "Pet insurance."

For Money Talks News, I'm Stacy Johnson.