Money Talks News: Signs You Might Be Headed for Financial Trouble

If you want to stay healthy, it's important to look for warning signs. That's why you get an annual checkup.Well, it's important to give your finances a periodic checkup as well - here are some signs you could be heading for financial trouble.Number one... You know what you make, but not what you owe. Ignoring debt won't make it disappear.Number two... no emergency fund, leaving you one paycheck away from problems. Solution: Automate.Have money taken out of every paycheck until you have at least three months of living expenses in the bank.Another sign of possible trouble ahead: You've got a bunch of unopened mail because you're afraid somewhere in here is hiding a bill.When you get your mail, open it the same day you get it. If you find there's bills you can't pay, call a credit counselor. And if you've already missed payments, call them now.Number four... You're making minimum payments. If you can't pay more than the minimum, you probably owe too much. And finally... you've maxed out your credit cards - that's a sure sign you're spending more than you're making.Bottom line? Whether you want to stay healthy or you want to get wealthy, the key is to diagnose trouble before it gets too serious.That's all the signs I had time for, but that's not all the signs. I've got a much more complete list waiting for you at Just do a search for "Financial Trouble."For Money Talks News, I'm Stacy Johnson.

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