Money Talks News: Simple Ways to Save $1000 by Summer

It may be hard to believe, but summer vacation is right around the corner. Want to have yours paid for this year?

The way to do it is start saving right now. Make a few simple changes and you might find yourself with an extra $1,000, maybe more before that vacation rolls around this summer.

First, start with your phone. Using fewer voice minutes than data? Get a cheaper plan. Or better yet - try out free cell services. You can save from $20-200 bucks a month.

Next, Internet service. There are companies offering free or much cheaper service than the big-name providers. Check them out, and you might save $30-$50 a month.

Then there's your insurance deductibles. Raising that deductible on your car or home insurance from $250 to $1000, and you could save more than 40 bucks a month.

Then exercise your right to drop that gym membership. Stay in shape by outdoor jogging or indoor exercises with fitness videos. That can save you $35 a month.

Another idea: Make cheap money-saving home repairs yourself, like fixing a leaky faucet or sealing up drafty windows. You'll save a few bucks a month on water and energy.

What's more fun, a vacation or cable? Drop premium channels, or better yet, cut the cable completely.

You can still watch plenty of TV, and save yourself $100 a month.

And finally, lunch. Don't buy what you can make. Bring it from home, or just bring groceries to work and make your lunch there. That can save you 100 bucks a month.

Now what you need is details, on everything from free cell service to cutting that cable, to raising that insurance deductible.

An it's all waiting for you at

Just do a search for "Save $1,000."

For Money Talks News, I'm Stacy Johnson.