Money Talks News: Smartphone Apps You Can Use to Make Money

"You make money and you get motivated to do exercise and get healthy." "You can choose how many times to go for a week and the more times you go, the more money you make."

Denise Floripi made a deal with a smartphone app, called "Pact" to work out 4 days a week. If she keeps her promise, she earns money. If she doesn't, she pays. In the last year, she's logged more than 120 workouts and earned $74 bucks in the process.

"I can buy protein shakes or I need new shoes to go to the gym."

Maybe you should exercise your right to turn your smartphone into a little cash. So the next time you sit down to crush some candy, make some money instead.

Here are some free apps for Apple and Android that are going to do just that.

First, receipt hog. Snap a photo of your grocery receipts and earn "coins" to trade for gift cards or cash.

Next, Viggle. Earn points for watching TV or listening to music. Then redeem those points for gift cards, electronics or trips.

Another idea: fiverr. The popular website where people get paid for completing a task, now has apps.

Earning potential starts at $5. Finally, perhaps the most potentially lucrative app - ESPN's Streak For The Cash.

You predict sporting event winners and try to keep your winning streak going. The person with the longest streak at the end of the month wins 50,000 bucks!

Bottom line... If you've got a smart phone, there's no reason to let some free cash money pass you by.

Pick up one of these apps, make a little money and I've got a much bigger list waiting for you at

Just do a search for "Money Making Apps." For Money Talks News, I'm Stacy Johnson.