Money Talks News: Tax Hacks 2014: Helpful Income Tax Apps

Smart phones and tablets are a way of life for many, and there are apps-a-plenty to help make your life easier, especially during tax time.

These apps seem to get better every single year. Some of them will let you take a picture of your W-2 and it fills in the information. Some will help you organize your documents, remember your expenses, file your return and even follow up.

Sort out receipts and expenses with apps such as Shoeboxed, Expenser or Expensify, all of which are free. Each has a way to scan receipts, archive and classify them for use later.

Track mileage with an app such as the free "Mile I-Q," which automatically records every car trip you take, and lets you classify them as business or personal.

And keep track of your donations with "iDonatedit." It costs $2.99 and lets you take pictures of what you donated, records when and where you donated it, and even calculates the value.

When it comes time to file, there are apps for that too. You've got Tax Act, Turbotax, H&R Block. A lot of the biggies have these things and also they're free. Now if your return is really complicated and to file a state return, you will have to pay.'s 4868 app costs 99 cents and it's going to let you fill out IRS form 4868. That's the form to apply for an extension of time to file your return.

And the IRS has a free app to answer questions and keep tabs on your return. It's called IRS2Go.

Bottom line? Apps like these can really make your life easier and really help you stay more organized and get rid of some of that paperwork.

Want to see some of our favorite apps? Just go to and do a search for "Tax Hacks 2014." For Money Talks News, I'm Stacy Johnson.