Money Talks News: The Absolute Best Ways to Save on Vacation Travel

Everyone wants to get away from it all. The problem? Paying for it all.

But there are all kinds of ways to save on all kinds of travel expenses all year round.

For example, although ticket prices have gained altitude this summer, there are last minute deals to be had. Best way to find them? Sign up at airline sites and use social media.

You can also sign up for free services that watch prices to your favorite destination and notify you by email of any price drops.

Best way to save on hotels? Don't stay in one. Vacation rentals offer more space and privacy, sometimes at a lower price.

Better yet? Swap your house for someone else's and pay zero. But if you are going to stay at a hotel, check blind-booking sites for the best deals: they can save you 50 percent.

When it comes to destinations, the cheapest will be the least popular. But don't forget National parks.

They're way cheaper than theme parks, they're way more spectacular and they're way more relaxing.

Renting a car? Doing it away from the airport will save you the most. Don't ever rent a car without searching the net for coupon codes. And if you don't need a car the entire time, check into rentals by the hour.

Ready for a cruise? When problems go up, cruise prices often sink. Again, look for last minute deals, but your best bet may be to use a travel agent specializing in cruises.

Bottom line? There are almost as many ways to save on travel as there are places to go to.

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For Money Talks News, I'm Stacy Johnson.