Money Talks News: The Best Senior Discounts

There are obvious disadvantages to getting older. But there are advantages, too.

In addition to being wiser, you can also save a lot of money.

One example: our national parks. The only thing that can make them better is to make them free. And if you're 62 or older, they can be.

Pay $10 one time and you get a lifetime pass for free admission into more than 2,000 national parks.

That's just one way to seniors can save. Here's a quick rundown of some serious savings for seniors only.

Those over 62 and also get a 15 percent discount on most Amtrak trains.

Grab an AARP card and go. Up to 15 percent off at Applebee's, up to 20 percent off at Denny's. Free donut with large coffee at Dunkin Donuts. And that's a sliver: there are tons of deals out there.

Ready for a drive? You only have to be 50 to get an AARP card, and it can get you up to 30 percent off at some rental car counters.

Same with some hotels. Whip out that and get up to 20 percent off at some major chains.

As for entertainment, some major theater chains have senior discounts, others offer deals on popcorn and soft drinks. Museums, gardens, local theatre: many are willing to give seniors a break.

But here's the thing with these discounts: A lot of time, you gotta ask.

So if you're starting to see life through shades of gray, make it pay.

Want to get more ideas on where to find senior discounts? They're waiting for you right here at Just do a search for "senior discounts."

For, I'm Stacy Johnson.