Money Talks News: The Best Things to do With Your Wedding Dress

"Like over here. Oh... there you go. There's some beads falling right there. Over here it kind of ripped because this is where I would sit."

Amanda Filocomo isn't stressing over a ripped $1900 dress. She did it on purpose and her photographer captured the moment.

"A ton of brides are asking these days for trashing the dress. It's really a lot of fun, not only for me but for grooms and for brides."

The trend is called "Trashing the dress:" One way to enjoy an expensive gown you'd normally wear once, and an opportunity for more wedding-related pics and video.

"It's a dress. I'm never going to wear it again, obviously. But I mean it has memories. But that's why I have Eugenio. He took all the beautiful pictures."

Of course many brides aren't going to subject their dress to anything that could be risky. That's OK. Thereare lots of other options.

First, you could preserve it. But you'll want to take it to a cleaner specializing in preservation. Next, of course you could sell it. You can use a consignment shop or sell it yourself.

Another idea? Use it again! On my first wedding anniversary, my wife put on this wedding dress. I put on my suit. Out we went in a limo. Result? Outrageous fun and a lot more cool memories.

Option 4: make it into something else, like a keepsake. Do it yourself or use a company. And finally: donate it. Brides for a cause is a non-profit organization that provides weddings and vow renewals for couples facing terminal illness and other serious circumstances.

Bottom line... There's no need to let that beautiful dress languish in a closet. Have some fun, make some money or give it to a good cause. Want more information? Just go to and do a search for "Wedding Dress," and while you're there, let us know what you did with your wedding dress!

You could win a Money Talks News T-shirt. For Money Talks News, I'm Stacy Johnson.