Money Talks News: The Lazy Man's Guide to Money Management

No matter what you do for a living, you probably work hard at it.

Then you're supposed to come home and work at managing your money too? Makes me exhausted just thinking about it. But don't sweat it. There are definitely things you can do to manage your money with almost no effort at all.

First, let your computer do the check-writing. Put your bills on auto-pay. Or at least pay them on line - you can do that on the sofa with your phone.

Where will the money come from? Automatic payroll deductions, of course. Finding money to save is stressful. Add to your savings automatically and just watch TV.

Not making enough money? Getting a new job is a job in itself. Much simpler for the lazy man to just ask for a raise. But when you do, do it right. Don't just beg for more money. Show them how your contributions are making the company more money.

It's so tiresome ferreting out bargains, then schlepping stuff from the store. You can use Amazon Subscribe and Save, and you'll automatically get shipments of household basics delivered to your door, and save up to 15 percent doing it.Finally, split the cost of rarely used things like lawnmowers and ladders: Go in with a neighbor or relative. That will cut the price in half - and maybe they'll go to the store for you and pick it up.Bottom line? When it comes to making more money and managing it, you can be both good and lazy.

The key is using your mind instead of your time. Want more tips to manage your money?

Just go to Money Talks and do a search for "Lazy Man."

For Money Talks News, I'm Stacy Johnson.