Money Talks News: Things Every Homebuyer Should Know

"We needed a place to live. So we looked at this house at night, with snow everywhere. It was an 1840s home. And we bought it, like on the spot. We bought it. We wrote a contract. No inspection and we moved in. And thank God nothing happened. But I wouldn't do that again."

Kendra Obrist made some common home buying mistakes in the past, but she's learned from those mistakes.

"They just fall in love with the emotion and they need to make sure they get an inspection too, to make sure the home is in great shape."

Buying a house is an intense experience. It's one of the most expensive things you'll probably ever purchase. So one thing you definitely want to do is not make dumb mistakes. Here are some examples.

First: Get financing. Unless you're paying cash, there's no reason to shop for a house until you have a firm commitment from a lender. Don't leave home without one.

Second: Find the right agent."It's hard to do some of the research online. Although there's the tools out there, they're not always accurate. When you use an agent, the agent can help determine what the value of the home is and make sure you see all the homes in the area that meet your criteria.

Then: Get an inspection. Hire a professional to uncover any problems and let that be the basis of more price negotiation. Don't even think of buying a house without an inspection and include a potential "out" based on that inspection.

Finally: Have a backup plan. If a home doesn't appraise highly enough, the inspection reveals a big problem or anything else happens, have a plan that includes a way to get that deposit back.

Bottom line... Now could be just the right time to buy a home, and you're going to get a better price if you don't make silly mistakes. I'm going to teach you more about buying a home if you'll go to

Just do a search for "Home Buying."

For Money Talks News, I'm Stacy Johnson.