Money Talks News: Traffic Tickets That Raise Car Insurance

No matter how you get a traffic ticket, the consequences can be super expensive.

Now you know when you get a ticket, you're going to have to may a fine, maybe some court costs, maybe for school. But what is it going to do to those car insurance rates? did a study on auto insurance rate increases and traffic tickets. The most expensive ticket?

Reckless driving. It can cause your insurance to go up an average of 22 percent! Next costly infraction... DUI... with a first offense jacking rates 19 percent on average. Another potentially expensive ticket...

Driving without a license, which could result in an 18 percent rate increase.

It going to come as no surprise that speeding tickets can increase your car insurance rates. The average is 11 to 15 percent. But the faster you were going, the greater the effect is going to be.

Failing to yield may result in a 9 percent rate increase, while a seat belt infraction could cost you 3 percent.

So what do you do? Well, you can hire an attorney or go to court yourself and try to avoid points and thus the record on your license.

Bottom line... Obviously you want to follow the rules of the road and try to keep your tickets to a minimum.

But whether you get a ticket or not, we can show you how to deal with high insurance costs. Just go to and search for "car insurance."

For Money Talks News, I'm Stacy Johnson.