Money Talks News: Wedding Prices Rising - How to Save

"Our budget was about $15,000 and we ended up spending about $20,000."

Recently married... Danielle is back in the dress shop to sell her wedding dress on consignment. Though she didn't go into debt for her wedding, there are things she'd do differently.

My dress was one of the things I think maybe I would spend a little bit less on."

The says the average American wedding last year cost $28,400 - about the price of new car, or the down payment on a decent house.

But the preacher says 'til death do you part, not 'til debt do you part. Fortunately, when it comes to weddings, though, there are tons of ways that you can save money.

First... Make your invitations. Friends and family can help. Next... make your own favors or just skip them entirely.

How can anyone pay thousands for a dress, and then only wear it once? That's crazy! Why not just rent the dress. Or buy it in a consignment shop, maybe, and then sell it when you're done.

Next... how about changing your location... Skipping a banquet hall and opting for a park can be prettier and save a ton. You can have an early reception... People will probably eat and drink less. You can get married off-season. That'll save you some money. And instead of a band or DJ, dance to your own iPod.

Putting the average wedding on a 12% credit card means paying more than $900 a month for the next three years. You could be buying a house.

Bottom line... there are plenty of ways that you can get hitched without also getting saddled with debt, especially when it comes to the dress.

So you want more ideas to save on weddings? I've got a ton of them waiting for you right here at Just do a search for "Weddings."

For Money Talks News, I'm Stacy Johnson.