Money Talks News: Why Join the Military

"Originally, I thought I'd be around for about 4 years. My purpose for joining was I just wanted to get a skill, get some money for college and I wanted to see the world."

What started as a way to pay for college 29 years ago, turned into a prosperous career for Commander Nathan King. He says the Navy offers something for just about anyone.

"We offer good order. We offer discipline. We offer skills. We offer education, professional development, personal development. And we put a big interest into family and health and fitness."

Right now, the Department of Defense reports more than 1.4 million Americans are a part of the U.S. Armed forces.

There are lots of reasons you might want to consider a military career. You TMre not going to make a lot of money, about $20,000 is the starting salary. But you're going to get an allowance for food and one for housing, and that's just the beginning of your perks.

One major The armed forces have the G.I. Bill and other resources to help pay for a college education. Next: travel... Thanks to military bases around the world, joining the military is one way to travel on someone else's dime. That's something that appeals to new recruit, Ryan Smith.

"What really made me drawn toward the Navy was the great benefits. I'll get to see the world and they're going to be paying for my schooling."

Also a plus...Medical benefits, which are fully paid for. And finally...a career. Whether you want to be a soldier, engineer, doctor, even news reporter, you might find the training you need in the military. And remember, military members can work their way up and retire in as few as 20 years.

Bottom line... if you're considering a career in the military, go ahead and run it up the flag pole and see who salutes. And a special thanks to all those out there who have served our country so wonderfully over the years.

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For Money Talks News, I'm Stacy Johnson.