Money Talks News: Why You Shouldn't Retire at 65

"I've never thought about not working."

Susan Leventhal spends her days helping workers find employment through the Professional Placement Network Program of WorkForce One.

"It is my passion. It's my hobby. It's where my heart is. It's where my interests lie."

At 68, Susan is among a growing group of Americans working beyond traditional retirement age.According to a recent Conference Board survey, 62 percent of workers aged 45 to 60 plan to delay their retirement. That's up from 42 percent just three years ago.

Why the huge jump in workers delaying retirement? Shrinking retirement accounts, falling home prices and smaller salaries certainly can contribute. But you know, even when money is not the motive, there are plenty of reasons why delaying retirement is a great idea.

"They are trying to now not figure out what they want to do, but what's my legacy. And make it meaningful."

So leaving a legacy and enjoying your job are two reasons to keep working. Another is Social Security - put it off till you're 70, you're going to collect a lot more.

Work is also a great social outlet, a way to stay mentally sharp, and a chance to something you've always wanted to do, but couldn't. As for Susan, and when she'll hang up her hat...

"I'm very proud and that's why at 68 I have no plans to stop doing what I do."

Bottom line? There are lots of reasons you should keep working past retirement, and they're not all money-related.

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For Money Talks News, I'm Stacy Johnson.