Money Talks News: Your Biggest Money Concerns and Solutions

If money concerns have you miserable, at least you've got company.A recent survey from the National Foundation for Credit Counseling says nearly 8 in 10 Americans have financial worries. Here's a list of their biggest concerns, along with advice to make them go away...Number one concern, cited by 57 percent of Americans: Not enough savings. Solution: Automate. Start small and have money automatically taken from every paycheck.And if your company has a retirement plan, participate in it, especially if there's a company match.Next biggest concern, cited by 26 percent of respondents: Too much debt. If you've got a debt problem, here's what you do. List all of your debts.Pick one to pay off. Target that debt. Find money in your budget.Put everything you can on that thing until it is dust. Then move on down that list until all your debts are destroyed. And here's a better idea. Don't ever borrow money in the first place unless you absolutely have to.Third biggest money concern... healthcare, cited by 1 in 4 respondents. Solution: Check out your state's health insurance options and work hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle.Next... bad credit or no credit, a big concern for about 19 percent of respondents. Solution: Keep tabs on your credit history and make sure your report is accurate. And use credit wisely. And the number 5 money concern... Job loss, a worry for eighteen percent of Americans. That's more than 42 million people.Solution: ABL: Always be looking. Keep your resume up to date, seek training and do your best to boost that bank account so you'll have a cushion.Bottom line? Worrying is wasted energy.So if you find yourself lying awake at night, do something about it. Take control of your financial future. I've got tons of advice that's going to help.Go to and search for "Money concerns." For Money Talks News, I'm Stacy Johnson.

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