Money Talks: Saving Money on Air Conditioning

If you spend about the average to keep your home cooled, heated and powered up throughout the year, then you TMre spending about $1,500.

This summer, most of that expense is going to pay your cooling bill | somewhere between $400 and $500.

Want to save some cool cash?

The simplest way is also the cheapest: your filters, both inside and outside.

Make it a habit to change, clean and/or change these things every month.

That alone can reduce your bill by 10 percent.

The next place to cut costs are your windows and doors.

Air loss can blow 15 to 25 of your energy budget.

And the solution is cheap: weather-stripping and caulk.

A good ceiling fan can also save you serious money.

A fan will allow you to set your thermostat at 78 degrees and make it feel like 72 degrees.

Not bad considering it only costs about 15 cents to run for every 10 hours it TMs on.

How about the thermostat?

This little box is a place where you can really save some cool cash.

Because every time you raise this thing just one degree, you can save up to three percent on your energy bill.

And especially when you're away, you can raise it a whole bunch and save a whole bunch of money!

Also, do you close the vents in rooms that you're not using? Well, don't.

Closing more than 10 percent of your vents can create an air pressure imbalance that will reduce your air conditioner TMs efficiency.

So, if you've got central air, let it flow.

One last tip: When it's the hottest part of the summer day, don't be around appliances that create heat.

The hot part of the day is a time for iced tea and television.