Money Talks: Saving Money on Lawncare

It's Spring, when a homeownner's fancy turns to their lawn.

When it comes to grass, does keeping it green require a lot of green? A Money Talks investigation says no.

According to the Landcare Network, there are over 30 million acres of lawn in the United States.

That's a lot of grass to care for. But a great looking lawn doesn't mean necessarily mean "Mow" money.

Let's start at the root of a great looking lawn..the fertilizer. Fertilizer costs a lot and most isn't exactly environmentally friendly. So don't overdo it.

Best way to save on fertilizer? Don't use it. Use compost instead. It's better for your lawn, you can make it yourself, and adding it twice a year is all you need.

Keep your lawn mower maintained: clean under here, sharpen the blade, change the plug: you know the drill.

Mow when the grass is dry, take 2 1/2 inches off the top and leave the clippings behind.

And when it comes to big purchases, like mowers, go in with a neighbor or two.

That will not only save 50% or more, but you'll also split the cost of the maintenance too.

Watering can be the biggest expense in lawn care. If rain isn't cutting it, sprinkle sparingly and always in the morning. Better yet, collect rain water in a barrel and use that for irrigation instead.

Got a bug problem? Use hot pepper sprays, used dishwater, or 1 teaspoon of liquid soap to a gallon of water.

Planting marigolds will get rid of beetles and introducing mint, garlic and chives will discourage other harmful insects.

The bottom line is in order to have a green yard this summer, you don't have to spend a lot of green.

You can trim your expenses, you can grow your savings and there TMs more information at