Money Talks: Saving on Appliances

The cash for appliance program offered consumers the opportunity to get rebates up to several hundred dollars on a long list of energy star appliances.

In many states it's still going on.

In others, like Florida, rebate money lasted about a day.

So see if the program is still alive where you live.

If not, there are plenty of cool ways to save on appliances anytime you want.


New appliances typically come out in the fall.

Wait till then, buy last year's model and save a ton.

You know you're going to scratch it anyway.

Buy it pre-scratched and save.

Or buy a floor model.

That can easily save 10 to 20 percent.

Shop online for prices: then take that info to local dealers and see if they'll beat them.

Make a list of the features you need.

That will keep you from buying unnecessary bells and whistles.

Don't buy an extended warranty.

Many consumer advocates, including yours truly, think they're not worth the money they cost.

And don't forget to negotiate!

That's the shortest path to a lower price, especially on expensive appliances.