Money Talks: Saving on Pets

Finding a furry friend for free is just the start for Saundra Ours. She plans to keep up the smart saving on her dog, Hoover.

Coupons are one way to keep Fido from taking too big a bite from the budget. Another idea?

Prioritize. Good food... necessity. Expensive toys... not so much!

Next, don't be penny wise and pound foolish: A $50 vet bill now is better than a $300 bill later. Check your local shelters for low-cost vet services, such as vaccines or spaying and neutering. And if cost is a concern, check out insurance...

Grooming's expensive, but you can find online videos and learn to do-it-yourself...

And ask your vet about food. Don't buy a premium brand if a generic will do.

Bottom Line? Our furry friends are part of our family so obviously we want them to have the best of everything. But if you've got budget issues, there are plenty of ways you can whippet! For more ideas, go to and search for "Pets."

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