Money Talks: Selling Your Phone for an Upgrade

Smartphones... new models seem to come out all the time. Whether you're keeping up with the Joneses or just upgrading an old model, purchasing a new phone is a pricey proposition.

But before you buy that new smartphone, how about dialing up some savings by selling the old one for the max possible?

Here are some tips...

First, see what web sites that buy electronica are offering.

You get a quote online and they arrange for shipping and payment. Some will even let you lock in a price before the launch of a new model.

You might get more money if you sell it yourself.

Check web sites like craigslist, amazon and ebay.

Research the companies you're considering selling to, along with how much your phone is going for.

And stay on top of release dates for new models so you can try to time it right.

Now the smartest way to sell that old cell phone may be the lowest-tech way of all... tell your friends and family.

Use word of mouth! You might be able to get a better deal that way, and help out a friend in need.

Before you sell, make sure you wipe the phone clean of personal information by restoring factory settings, clearing internal memory and taking out the SIM card.

And it should go without saying, but be sure you get paid before you deliver that phone.

Bottom line? Keeping up with technology doesn't have to break your budget, especially when you help yourself by hocking your own handset.

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