Money Talks: Shopping by the Calendar

Love it or hate it, you can TMt get through life without it. I TMm talking about shopping.

But if you TMd like to at least get through it for less money, you could really use the seasons to your advantage.

For obvious reasons, Winter is when you TMre going to find the best deals on Air Conditioners, bicycles, boats, grills|outdoor stuff. Linen sales are normally in January.

New furniture arrives in showrooms in February and August, so your best deals there are January and July. TVs are also a good winter purchase, especially around the holidays.

Spring is when cookware promotions blossom|fall is also good. Spring is also when the real estate market thaws. And new vacuum models usually come out in June, so spring is the time to suck up a bargain.

And what about summer? Computers are often discounted as back to school approaches|and July is another furniture month.

And that leaves Fall: as kids start studying again, you've got to study major appliances: that TMs when new models show up, and last year TMs stuff gets discounted. Also true with cars and RVs.

So the calendar can really be a shopper TMs friend. And if you'd like to save another 50% or even 75% off, you cold do something that a lot of people do. Buy things used. Check thrift shops, yard sales. Find it used and you're automatically going to save all year round. Want more specifics and ideas to save? Go to and do a search for "Saving."

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