Money Talks: Six Thing People Should Be Getting Free

Since you work hard for your money, you probably don't think you'd waste any. But odds are you do.

Prime example? This website, isn't where you get a free credit report. Now websites like this have to disclose where you can get a free copy: at

What about free checking? Getting harder to find, but still out there. Best bet? A credit union.

And speaking of banking fees|Americans pay billions every year in fees for using another bank's ATM. Get free money using an app to find your bank's ATM, or getting cash back at the store.

Don't ever pay for a scholarship search: that's something else you can get for free.

What about free information calls? Phone companies now charge up to 2 and 1/2 bucks just to give you a number. But Google does it free.

Paying to check luggage. If you can't fly a baggage-fee-free airline, try to get elite status on the one you fly most: that can get you one free bag per flight. Better yet, pack light and carry on.

And last but not least|let's not forget the library: free books, video, music, magazines, information and internet access.

Bottom line? The best things in life? Still free|.and so are some other things you might just be paying for now. Small change? Sure. But small change over time mean big change in your life.